The One-Month Marketing Makeover

Big marketing results start with small steps… the key is to choose those steps thoughtfully and then take them consistently. Designed to be tackled in 15-60 minutes a day over the course of a month, the 31 bite-sized lessons, audits, and assignments of the One-Month Marketing Makeover give you the strategy you need, a schedule you can follow, and a step-by-step plan to implement in the long term, ensuring a steady stream of new, highly-qualified leads in your photography business.

11 Modules

Laser-Focus your Marketing

The first three Modules are designed to get your business ready for the new clients you're going to be attracting very soon. Here in Module 1, we'll start by ensuring you're marketing to the right people!

Fine-tune your Messaging

After you determine WHO you're talking to, the next step is to fine-tune HOW you talk to them. 

Work on your Website

Websites are the digital front door of your business. Learn to optimize yours to welcome your bluebirds with a great first impression!

Structure your Marketing Strategy

Modules 5-10 are all about creating a comprehensive marketing strategy. In this module, you'll learn the components of the strategy that will keep your calendar full all year long.

Big Investments Yield Big Results: Marketing Rocks

The most valuable marketing activities are also the ones that tend to take the most effort, so we'll create a plan - and a schedule - for those first.

Raise your Know, Like, & Trust Factor: Marketing Pebbles

Learn a simple, sustainable strategy to build trust with your prospective clients with your pebble marketing content.

An Easy Approach to Email: Marketing Sand

Turn your keyboard into a profit generating powerhouse by creating and leveraging your email list.

Building your Social Media Marketing Machine: Marketing Water

Social media is a great marketing tool, but it should always come last, filling in the daily gaps rather than carrying all the weight.

Marketing Magic part 1: Repeat Clients and Referrals

Now that you've built your Marketing Machine, these next two modules will give you a pinch of marketing pixie dust to sprinkle all over everything you produce.

Marketing Magic part 2: Rave Reviews

Testimonials are often just the thing to push that warm lead off the fence and onto your client list... so let's get intentional about them!

Wrapping Up

This is a Lesson, Audit & Assignment, all rolled into one! Use everything you've learned to map out your year in marketing

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